Irish Terriers

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Rockledge O'Roark, Jr. enjoying the view.

Let’s start out by introducing ourselves to our new acquaintances and saying howdy to our old friends and customers visiting our site. We are Ed and Evelyn Weber and we raise the most marvelous Irish Terriers dogs on our ranch in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. This is not a new venture for us. We’ve been doing this since the 1940’s, first individually and then together after we got married in 1953. Together we founded, owned and operated the Money Creek Ranches in Houston, Minnesota known world wide as the “Leopard Capital of the World” during the period from the 1950’s to the 80’s.

We named our Missouri ranch “Leopard Horse Ranch” after our love of the leopard horses. We call our kennel “Rockledge Kennels” named after our stallion “Money Creek’s Rockledge” that we bred and raised. This stallion
pretty much financed our entire life, paid for our ranches and improved our breeding stock. He died in 1989 at the age of 28. There is a life size replicate statue of him on the roof of our office porch.

We hope you will visit our entire site and visit it often to enjoy the pictures and some of the history. Building a web site is a new experience for us and we will be working on it "forever" as we gather new material and research our photo files.

We bred and raised many state and national champion Appaloosa horses, specializing in leopards; exported horses to Australia, South Africa and Europe. One of these horses made Australia National champion halter and performance horse. We also had many other champions in that country and one record setting high selling horse at auction. We retired in the 1980's, moved to Missouri, no longer do the large animals, and have transferred our breeding, pedigree and genetic knowledge to the Irish Terriers.

Our Wonderful Irish Terriers

six irish terrier puppies posed in a basket
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