So you want to buy a puppy !!

About buying a puppy

You can buy a puppy at anytime after birth and make a deposit to hold this particular puppy until it’s old enough to ship or be picked up. Puppies cannot leave our ranch until they are at least eight weeks old. We reserve the right to decide if it’s in the best interest of the puppy to be held longer then eight weeks before shipping. Payment in full plus shipping charges are due before shipping and you will be sent a proper invoice for making this final payment usually within the last week before shipping. At this time we do the final Vet exam for the health papers, complete the necessary paper work and make the flight reservations if the puppy is flying.

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About payment

We prefer and use PayPal almost exclusively. With PayPal you have several choices on how to make your payment. You may use your credit card, checking account or pay from your PayPal balance if you have an existing account with available funds. PayPal is free for you, the purchaser;
it’s fast, safe and your purchase is protected. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase a puppy from us. I can send you a PayPal invoice which will be self-explanatory.

We can also accept money orders sent via the postal service. This will work if there is enough time. Mail is not convenient for us because the delivery time is so varied and unpredictable. It is no longer two or three days but more like two days or two weeks. And we have no way of knowing which.

Bank money transfers are also acceptable, but do cost more then the other methods. If you would like to use a bank money transfer as your method of payment we can provide you with the necessary account information.

About shipping

If you purchase a puppy and it needs to be shipped we will take care of everything on this end. You only need to show up at the airport at the appointed time to retrieve your puppy. We charge a set fee for shipping and that includes everything. You will receive a crate, insurance and health papers at no extra cost. There will be no add-ons or surprises. We use several different airlines depending on the best connection and scheduling for your area. We can give you a flight date at the time of purchase. We will eMail you the final flight plans with full details 2-5 days before the flight. Please be assured that the airlines and we will do everything in our power to assure that you receive a sound healthy puppy safely.

Do you suppose ants grow up to be bears?
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Someday I'll be as handsome as my big brother!
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About puppy guarantees

We have been in the professional livestock business our entire lives. There is one thing that you learn fast. Don’t breed animals with problems and don’t sell known potential problems. We occasionally sell a puppy with a minor problem but we sell it at a considerable discount and let the buyers know right up front what the problem is. Most times these are just cosmetic problems and in no way affect the health or longevity of the puppy.

Since we have no control over the care of a puppy once it leaves here, we offer no guarantee other then a very thorough Vet exam prior to delivery. If the puppy is not 100% we will not ship it. We invite you to call our Vet to discuss the puppy you are buying to be assured that the puppy is healthy and sound.

There is no guarantee against Coccidia, Guardia or Kennel Cough, as these are sometimes stress induced or can be contacted by contact with sick puppies at the airport, vet's, etc. We vaccinate for Kennel Cough and we preventative treat our puppies for Coccidia and Guardia. They will have a fecal exam by the Vet prior to shipping and will be clean at that time.

If something would come up with the puppy in the future that will prove to be of a hereditary nature and life threatening we will work with you. We want you to have a sound healthy puppy that will live out its normal life span with no serious problems. You also must realize that you are buying a real live living critter and like people, sometimes they can get hurt or sick. You will have to expect to do your best to give this puppy quality and regular medical care and attention as needed with annual checkups, vaccinations, wormings, etc.

We have considered a contract to cover all of the above, but have yet to read one that is not 90% plus in favor of the breeder/seller. Actually not worth the paper they are written on. If someone can show us a good contract that would benefit both us and the buyer, we would certainly consider it. In the meantime you have all this in writing, copies of our eMails and copies of the ads we run.

Most important we have our reputation and we have references. We are licensed by both the USDA and the Missouri Dept.of Agriculture We belong to the Southwest Missouri Better Business Bureau with a A+ rating.

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